Seeing results and the effect they have on our clients lives, is far and away the most gratifying aspect of our business!


 "I truly was mesmerized with not only the things you can do for people but the ripple effect of your work in the community with parents and caregivers, siblings, employers, friends....not to mention the power and esteem you offer to the individual. My mind was reeling with possibilities and I really applaud the way you have stayed true to your mission."

 -K.D. December 2014


 I wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated your help thus far. I have gained quite a bit of insight already into his physical development and new tactics to help (my son) grow. I learned a ton from the short time we have spent together. You are fantastic!"

 -D. H. November 2013


 "The Aquatic therapy has been life changing for us! I cannot believe the amount of progress Ryan has made in such a short amount of time! Ryan is doing great [with Teresa], I have seen so much improvement! He can walk down 4 stairs without holding onto anything! Climbing up stairs is more of a challenge for him. He started jumping off the floor with both feet and I can tell he has gotten so much stronger!"

 -A.C.May 2013

 "Lead Changes Therapy was able to approach my care in a comprehensive manner which addressed my primary deficiency and care while keeping in mind my secondary deficiencies. This type of care considered my body holistically in order to achieve my confidence, my understanding of how the injury affected the rest of my body, and they were able to create a safe environment for the specific injuries I have endured. The staff is friendly and provided flexibility by performing the therapy in three different locations"

 -J.D. Iraq and Afghanistan Combat Veteran 3/12


 "As a parent of two special needs children who have very different needs, I found Lead Changes Therapy to be flexible to accommodate both of them. My youngest daughter, in less than a year of weekly sessions, has made tremendous progress in her stability and coordination that she has been able to discontinue weekly physical therapy sessions. I find Natalie to be firm, kind, and caring-a winning combination for any special child who is trying to make strides physcially, emotionally, and socially. Thank you!" .

 -S.F. 1/12


 Lead Changes Therapy Services is a wonderful organization. I am so glad I found them. I am living with a number of medical disability challenges. Natalie was absolutely fantastic in setting up an aquatic exercise program for me. Half way through my number of sessions she assigned a different therapist to me who also worked great with me. I did not renew only due to finances but plan to resign up as soon as possible. The aquatic therapy is the best kind of exercise program for my issues and I appreciate the one-on-one therapy program to work directly with me. The therapists are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely be back working with them again soon .

 -B.S. 08/11


 "Not only has [my son] benefited physically from aquatic therapy with LCTS, but now he also loves to swim and can keep up in the water with peers. When he first started aquatic therapy three years ago, he had challenges learning to swim due to gross and fine motor skill delays and difficulty focusing. We've noticed big gains in his muscular development and his walking/running and balance, much of which we attribute to his therapy with LCTS. Now, he loves the water, jumping right in as soon as his session starts and whenever we go to the pool or at camps, and he can swim laps and hold his breath underwater for at least 10 seconds alongside his friends. A side benefit: he loves Natalie. As do we." .

 -E.Z. 08/11

 Natalie Conca and all the staff of LCTS, Inc. give 110% to help the children and families they work with. Our family has worked with them for over three years now and would recommend them to anyone looking for a company who cares about children and giving them the tools they need to be successful. Thanks for your commitment to helping our families.

 -M.L. 04/11

 Our son  has been a participant in Lead Changes Therapy Services for a number of months now.  It was was evident from the beginning that his participation in this program was something that he would enjoy and could clearly benefit from.  At that time we had no idea how much fun he would have as well.  From the moment he gets to the pool [Our son] is happy and excited, but once he sees Natalie approaching everything is magnified.  He can't wait to take off his water shoes, don the ankle weights and get into the pool.  The entire session is full of laughter and smiles and the biggest protest comes when he has to get out of the water at the end of the session

From a parental perspective, it's great to watch our son have such a fantastic time while improving his balance, gait and gross motor skills.  The knowledge and professionalism demonstrated week after consecutive week by Natalie is both comforting and inspiring.  She can work in many challenging situations and handles them all with such grace, bringing with her the knowledge of many new therapeutic techniques and assistive devices. She clearly discusses Sam's progress and what path the next therapeutic sessions will take


What a joy it is to be a part of this program.  We plan on continuing for a long time to come and look forward to achieving many goals set forth in our initial assessment.  How great that something that is so enjoyable for our son can be so helpful to him as well.  Thank you, thank you, thank you


 -D.B. 04/10



I am glad that I found Lead Changes Therapy for my daughter. Liz has been an awesome instructor and I have seen my daughter make progress with every class. I am very impressed with how organized they are - the initial assessment, formulating goals, re-assessment at midpoint, the feed back after every class etc. My daughter loves Liz and looks forward to the classes. Both Natalie and Liz have been extremely professional and very helpful. They are always just a phone call or e-mail away. I would recommend them to anyone who might
benefit from their services.

-S.P. 7/09


Lead Changes Therapy was the first to introduce our daughter to water therapy! It was with the child's ability to overcome fear and to acclimate to this new environment in mind  session was run. [My daughter] couldn't wait for "swimming" every week and despite her speaking challenges, talked about it constantly! We were delighted with Natalie's handling of Michelle and as a result heartily recommend LCTS!

-R.M. 7/09


I Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you have done with [my daughter]. Since [she] started her aquatic therapy with you, i have noticed several changes in her behavior and also in her physical wellness.

There was a time when her balance was very unstable and she would fall often. Her balance has improved a great deal. To me, her self image is very important, because when we have good self esteem, there is a sense of belonging no matter what we do. The therapy has with you has contributed to physical activity which in turn has helped her lose some of the weight she has gained in the last few and has also given her an understanding of "healthy food, portions, fat content, etc, which i have tried to teach her with out success. I guess it is always better when it doesn't come from your parents. She is a much happier girl and she is back smiling beautifully all the time. I love her smile! I love my daughter. Thank you again.

-P.L. 12/2008


It has been a pleasure working with LCTS. In just a short amount of time, my son has made great progress in the areas of coordination, balance, endurance, and safety both in and out of the water. Natalie not only provides treatment for my son but she makes sure my son has fun in the water, and she is great with my son. My son looks forward to his weekly therapy with Natalie.

Natalie is very dedicated to her work and she constantly strives to improve the lives of individual with special disabilities. She helps provide hopes and dreams for our special ones to someday achieve independence, Natalie and Lead Changes Therapy Services come highly recommended from our family.

-L.P 1/2009


My son, now 10 has been working with Natalie Baker, CTRS of Lead Changes Therapy Services for almost two years. He was diagnosed at age 3 with Autism and had significant Sensory Processing and Integration issues. He has over the years had Occupational and Physical Therapy. They we beneficial, but it was often in "hospital like" settings and not place "other kids" go. He always loved the water but had some fears and lacked confidence, stroke skills and was not a very good candidate for group instruction. As his friends began playing more in the "deep end", I saw him being further isolated at the pool. Aquatic therapy has helped him develop confidence in himself and his abilities, strength, swimming skills coordination, and a sense of belonging and inclusion with his peers. This past summer he was on a local swim team and it was the most positive "team" experience he has ever had. He always want to go to his Aquatic Therapy even if he has had a bad day at school. I think he realizes, as I do, that it gives him sensory input and stimulation and needed recreation. He is proud of what he can do and enjoys it. LCTS has provided caring and supportive services that are personalized to him and his needs. They support and challenge him to be a part of the community.

-B.M.  11/2007